Welcome to the course site for Structure of Words (LING 350) at the College of Staten Island for the Fall 2021 semester! From here, you can access the syllabus, readings (password protected), and slides from class, as well as information on what’s due when. You will post your assignments on this site using your CUNY Commons account.

NEW: For in-class assignment on 24 September, refer to this sheet.

Course Description

An introduction to linguistic morphology, the study of word structure and word formation in languages of the world. This course will explore how words can be analyzed into smaller units of meaning and sound, the semantic properties of words, the origin of English words, and how word structure interacts with sound and sentence structure. For English majors and minors, this is designated as a linguistics course.

Class Meeting

Class meets on Fridays from 2:30 to 6:20pm over Zoom.

Zoom link: Click here.
Meeting ID: 554 539 7081
Passcode: linguist

Note that class meetings will not be recorded. Your attendance and participation in the meetings is essential. You are strongly encouraged to participate from a computer, rather than a phone, if possible.